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Life Ceremonies

Whether you’re celebrating a new beginning, an unexpected life change, or an end, our ceremonies and rituals help to seed conscious intention and awareness, bringing you back to your authentic self.  If you are having challenges moving past pain or moving forward in life, ritual and ceremony serves as an active alchemist, aligning us in body, mind, and spirit, neutralizing or dissolving fear, negativity or resistance which keeps you from your best life.


Sit for a moment and ask yourself this question: “Do I honour myself, what I am up to, where I have been, and where I am going…do I hold sacred the process of my soul’s evolution and nourish myself as who I am and where I am in life right now?” Note what comes up for you.


This just may be a time to embrace change and make a commitment to living your best life. Whether you are getting married or divorced, meeting the end of your life; moving through your rite of passage, or celebrating the release and revisioning of your future it is cause for celebration! Supporting your self-discovery and evolution is something that western civilization is not well versed in, save the few traditional markers in life, but truly as we grow and change our perspectives on what is possible in life we impact the world around us. 

This is an invitation to embrace our humanity and honour our journey.



Ceremonies are carefully crafted to represent who you are in all ways. It is about your love for each other, your expression of this love, your commitment to each other, and your journey into open connection with the creation of something greater than you have experienced or known before.


  • Traditional

  • Alternative

  • Unconventional

  • Backyard

  • Banquet hall

  • Wilderness park

  • At the beach


Barbara Jean will make it great!


Celebrate your love and book your wedding today!

Ceremony Fee: $700

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a unique way to welcome your child or children into the world and introduce them to their new circle of family and friends.


I will listen to your stories and capture them in a personal ceremony written exclusively for your family.

Ceremony Fee: $400

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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When we celebrate endings we can move  freely into new beginnings. By consciously choosing civility you provide a safe sanctuary for your children to continue feeling the bond of family; you may keep close ties with the friends you have both shared during your marriage and be at peace with yourself around your decision. 

Regardless of your decisions around the dissolution of your marriage, it is important to eliminate the emotional charge you hold against yourself and your partner, in order for you to remember the ‘good’ in each other and honour the gifts given and received during the time shared. When all is said and done, to live with gratitude in our hearts and minds for the past opens us to life’s potential and, of course to love again.


This ceremony can be done simply between the two of you or in the presence of children, extended family, close community or in the privacy of your own hearts. You gave plenty to this world in your commitment to each other and the building of your lives together. Your gifts as individuals will continue to impact others, and the “how” in which you choose to end your relationship has within it the potential to be a powerful gift to others who undoubtedly will encounter similar sadness and hurt in leaving those they have loved.


I would be happy to confidentially discuss the particulars of your situation and/or provide additional understanding regarding the value of participating in a divorce ceremony.

Ceremony Fee: $550

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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Recommitment Ceremony

Whether you are celebrating a milestone or recommitting to your love, our custom recommitment ceremonies help to honor and celebrate the paths you’ve walked together and the love that has deepened along the way.


You can choose to repeat your original vows or create new ones for this ceremony.


With all of life’s ups and downs, you continue to grow as individuals and it may feel as if you’ve grown apart as a couple.


Find your way back into the heart of the one you love by remembering how it all started!


Let us help you celebrate your love and recommit to one another.

Ceremony Fee: $550

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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Home/Office Blessing

Our home or office is a type of container in which our dreams, intentions and goals are placed for sacred discovery and manifestation. These spaces are an extension of who we are as we expand in our own ideas of what is possible for us in life. 

The setting of intentions around the usage and desired experience to be felt in each room creates a sense of harmony moving forward.

Ceremony Fee: $300

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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Celebrating the Sage in Women

Marking the Age of  Sage in Women

In the ‘third act’ of life, women become looked upon as the mentor, the wise sage, the one who wore purple!


Much has been experienced in life and it is now a time to pass it along to the Mothers and the Maidens that follow.


In this ceremony the ‘sisterhood’ gathers to dance, feast and listen to the stories and wisdom of the one accepting her rite of passage into elderhood.

Ceremony Fee: $1000

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto


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Celebration of Life

Memorial ceremonies to honour and celebrate the eternality of life.

This is a time of profound and often painful reflection by those who we love. Together, we will move forward to remember, honour, grieve and celebrate the magnificent Soul of your loved one.

I will create a sacred space where you and your family will be supported in the depth and privacy of your feelings.

Tender and insightful writings will embrace your loved one’s true spiritual essence, honestly capture their presence here on earth and offer you a deeper understanding of yourself and your loss.

This Service will be presented with the reverence, respect, joy, and truth in which your relationship found its meaning.

Ceremony Fee: $500

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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Living Wake

Acknowledging the Meaning of Someone’s Life

Let’s celebrate and honour our elders and share with them the meaning that their lives have held for us. They are the shoulders upon which we have stood to realize our personhood, our purpose and our dreams. Memorializing a loved one has its own value, but having the person present to receive such love and gratitude from so many is an incomparable experience – not to be missed! Family and friends come together under the guidance of Barbara Jean who can create an inspiring experience for everyone in attendance.

Ceremony Fee: $1000

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto


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Spiritual  Coaching

Our coaching services are designed to help you live to your full potential.


We help you heal any blocks to your success. We will work with you to identify those blocks and help you find the solutions that will enable you to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


We will provide you with the tools and support to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

Spiritual Coaching Fee: $200 per hr

On Zoom or In Person

Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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