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Our Founder & Spiritual Director Barbara Jean

My Dance with the Universe began with an epiphany moment. A mystical moment which awakened me to a new way of living. My journey through five marriages, and a variety of powerful and painful moments, (i.e., domestic abuse, sexual assault, poverty, physical disability, and on, and on) have resulted in resilience, strength, wisdom, love and joy.


My favourite saying today is, "It is what it is!" Living that way has brought me to a new understanding of life. So, I accept that 'what is' cannot be changed. However, how I deal with 'what is' can change. I decided to take life as it comes, experience all of it as it is, and choose to see the value in every moment. I believe life is meant to be experienced, and oh have I experienced it! The thing is that all of it has brought me to today, this moment, this beautiful and fulfilling moment in my life and I am grateful. It took all of it for me to be where I am right now.

This is my Truth:

I believe we are all unique and special, we are all dancing to our own rhythm creating interest, depth, and beauty. Life is meant to be experienced and I am in it 100%.

I am the Founder and Spiritual Leader of the Centre for Spiritual Living On the Lake, and the Minister of Record for Unity Kitchener. I host two shows on the New Thought Media Network: Spirit Café and The JOY Show, both designed to question and accentuate humanity and how we do life.

I experience immense joy watching lives transform, seeing people inspired to create new careers, fulfilling relationships, and so much more. I healed my physical body, going from a walker and sometimes a wheelchair to working out six days per week. My story has served as an inspiration to others and through my books, coaching, and speaking has helped thousands of people. My work is my JOY!

My volunteering provides me with immense satisfaction: I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, (PWA Toronto), Board of Trustees for the New Thought Media Network and  the Board of Directors for the Association of Unity Churches in Canada.

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