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Whether you’re celebrating a new beginning, an unexpected life change, or an end, our ceremonies and rituals help to seed conscious intention and awareness, bringing you back to your authentic self.  If you are having challenges moving past pain or moving forward in life, ritual and ceremony serves as an active alchemist, aligning us in body, mind, and spirit, neutralizing or dissolving fear, negativity or resistance which keeps you from your best life.


Sit for a moment and ask yourself this question: “Do I honour myself, what I am up to, where I have been, and where I am going…do I hold sacred the process of my soul’s evolution and nourish myself as who I am and where I am in life right now?” Note what comes up for you.


This just may be a time to embrace change and make a commitment to living your best life. Whether you are getting married or divorced, meeting the end of your life; moving through your rite of passage, or celebrating the release and revisioning of your future it is cause for celebration! Supporting your self-discovery and evolution is something that western civilization is not well versed in, save the few traditional markers in life, but truly as we grow and change our perspectives on what is possible in life we impact the world around us. 

This is an invitation to embrace our humanity and honour our journey

Wedding Ceremony

Service Description

Ceremonies are carefully crafted to represent who you are in all ways. It is about your love for each other, your expression of this love, your commitment to each other, and your journey into open connection with the creation of something greater than you have experienced or known before. Traditional, alternative, unconventional - in your backyard, banquet hall wilderness park, or at the beach Barbara Jean will make it great. Celebrate your love and book your wedding today! Ceremony Fee: $700 Travel Fee: $1 per km outside Toronto

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